B-New Entertainment


Tone - CEO, President, Producer & Writer


   L. Toney, also known as “Tone”, was born in the Bronx, NY. I was musically inclined, and very entertaining at a young age. MY interests in hip hop/rap began in the early 80’s. Inspired by artists such as The Furious Five, Fantastic 4, Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Rock Steady Crew, Kurtis Blow, Sugar Hill Gang, Run DMC, and The Cold Crush 4 just to name a few. Although I was inspired by so many artists in the hip hop/rap, and r&b genre, it was the business aspect of it all (Russell Simmons is my mentor). So I began to research, and learn what it would take for me to start my own recording label. In a short period of time my determination and drive awarded me with knowledge and encouragement to move forward in starting a business. My first indie label was "Mo'Spice Productions". The company wasn't successful, but taught me a great deal about the music industry. After going through a learning experience in starting "Mo'Spice Productions". The music industry was all i wanted to learn, and do. My reward from it all is now CEO/President of "B-New Entertainment LLC". I want to give the new and young artists of today a chance to make it in the music business, without jeopardizing their beliefs, or their dreams of becoming a successful recording artist. "And furthermore, ‘I LOVE THIS MUSIC THING”! Since a young man, I promised myself I would someday own a recording label and manage many recording artists. My dream is now a reality.