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Freaks - Snapshots

by Al Kada

Released 2011
B New Entertainment LLC
Released 2011
B New Entertainment LLC
AL KADA a true Hip Hop Icon. Takes It back to the basics and have fun with the rap game.
Albert started rappin at the age of 13. Albert’s influences were 2 Pac, Biggie, Big Daddy
Kane, Diddy, Slick Rick, Danna Dane, Steady B, Jay-Z etc. Albert is more into the
sounds of Ole School Hip-Hip, but likes new school artist such as TI, Jeezy and Rick
Ross to name a few. What Al Kada is bringing to the industry is purely Al Kada. He
doesn’t sound like this one or that one he’s just “Al Kada”. Albert is also co owner;
producer & artist of record label B-New Entertainment which was established in January,
2009. Albert is also affiliated with another group on the Eastside of Baltimore known as
W.A.R.Z.O.N.E . S.N.A.A.K.E.S.