B-New Entertainment


 B-NEW ENTERTAINMENT (Baltimore New York Entertainment) is a Hip-Hop/Rap,and R/B independent record label. Established by Leslie Toney & Albert S. Westbrook Jr. on Jan.1, 2010. Home to upcoming, and unparalleled artists. Developing today's rappers, producers, and writers, to tomorrow's rising stars. The members of this company works hard to help artists achieve their goals. To help them recognized the beauty of success by working hard. B-New has worked with many artists from Baltimore, New York, Atlanta, and Portland OR.. B-New Entertainment represents the type of artists and music this company targets. Artists that have their own style, real entertainers that are able to capture an audience, in every way of entertaining. B-New Entertainment works with Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and Reggae genres of music. We ask one thing of any artist we work with “Be Original”. If you are serious and want a team that will help you B-New Entertainment is the company. We will produce music for you, help you get all the right papers, and forms so you can get paid for your music. Help promote and contact you with people that will market you the right way.


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